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E-Voting 2017


Scrutinizer's Report


E-Voting 2016

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Postal Ballot  2014:

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Financial Information:

Annual Reports:

Annual Report 2016-17

Annual report- 2015-16

Annual report- 2014-15

Annual report- 2013-14

Annual report- 2012-13

Annual report -2011-12

Annual report- 2010-11


Notice For Board Meetings For Discussion of Financial Results

1st August, 2017

18th May, 2017

19th January, 2017

28th October, 2016

2nd August, 2016

20th May, 2016

27th Jan, 2016


Outcome Of Board Meeting For Approval Of Financial Results

10th August, 2017

27th May, 2017

28th January, 2017

5th November, 2016

10th August, 2016

28th May, 2016

4th Feb, 2016


Quarterly Results

1. Quarterly Results for June,2013

2. Quarterly Results for September, 2013

3. Quarterly Results for December, 2013

4. Quarterly Results for March, 2014

5. Quarterly Results for June, 2014

6. Quarterly Results for September, 2014

7. Quarterly Results For December,2014

8. Quarterly Results For March, 2015

9. Quarterly Results For June 2015

10.Quarterly Results For September, 2015

11.Quarterly Results For December, 2015

12.Quarterly Results For March, 2016

13.Quarterly Results For June, 2016

14.Quarterly Results For September, 2016

15.Quarterly Results For December,2016

16 Quarterly Results For March, 2017

17.Quarterly Results For June, 2017


Shareholding Pattern

Shareholding Pattern For September, 2017

Shareholding Pattern For June, 2017

Shareholding Pattern For March, 2017

Shareholding Pattern For December, 2016

Shareholding Pattern For September, 2016

Shareholding Pattern For June, 2016

Shareholding Pattern For March, 2016

Shareholding Pattern For December 2015

Shareholding Pattern Post Forfeiture 4th November, 2015

Shareholding Pattern For September,2015

Shareholding Pattern For June 2015

Shareholding Pattern For March, 2015

Shareholding pattern for December,2014

 Shareholding pattern for September,2014

 Shareholding pattern for June,2014

 Shareholding pattern for March, 2014

 Shareholding pattern for December, 2013

 Shareholding pattern for September, 2013

 Shareholding pattern for June, 2013

 Shareholding pattern for March,2013

 Shareholding pattern for December, 2012

 Shareholding pattern for September, 2012

 Shareholding pattern for June, 2012

 Shareholding pattern for March, 2012


 Disclosure of Events

Cessation Of Directorship of Mr. B B. Sarda 


Various Policies Of The Company

Archival Policy On Disclosures Hosted On Website Of The Company

Code Of Conduct For Prevention Of Insider Trading

Determination Of Materiality And Event

Grievances Redressal Mechanism

Nomination And Remuneration Policy

Policy For Preservation Of Documents

Risk Management

Vigil Mechanism

Code For Independent Directors As Per Schedule IV

Policy On Prevention Of Sexual Harassment At Workplace